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Wed 3rd Oct 2018 - 3:59am Gaming

NocturnalGG would like to take you back to your child hood days and present to you our new Yu-Gi-Oh! Team!

Team led by Chronbugundy(Captain) and WannHo

     We've been playing the same decks for a while but have just recently started entering the local tournaments here in Lexington and ever since then the results have been promising. The decks shown below are considered tier 3 at best for the time being, meaning that there are better decks providing more consistency, stronger monsters, and some times just completely overwhelming plays. Some of the wins achieved by our representative Chronburgundy came swift but that came mostly from the lower level players, or new comers. His more technical wins were earned by abusing his lifepoint gain and playing through some of these "overwhelming" boards. Our other representative WannHo plays a deck that can provide enough attack damage to end most games his first turn and has proven it on multiple occasions but when that not enough his technical skill has shown him through.

All in all the team has shown that they have what it takes to perform against the big dogs!

"Its Time To Duel!"



WannHo's Chaos Max OTK Deck Profile

Main Deck


Extra Deck


Chronburgundy's Gran Maju OTK Deck Profile

Main Deck



edwardleo crawfoot

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